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Nor’easter is a beautifully drawn, well-written point-and-click adventure game, inspired by both the classics of the genre, was well as the modern titles. Full of both humour and a fair doze of otherworldliness and creepiness, it’s bound to provide hours of entertainment, while its multi-layered plot and intriguing, unique setting will leave the player thinking about the game and its world for days on end.



Jack, as a jackalope, cannot speak, but can understand both humans, animals and other fearsome critters; he is generally probably the smartest hare with antlers to ever walk the Earth. And the most good-hearted!.


Jacob is an emotional, hot-headed brute. Although his heart is in the right place, he loses his temper easily. He will yell, push Jack away, cry, give up, rush towards what he thinks might be the goal. Generally he will get into a lot of trouble and there will be tons of drama around him.


A hugag, filla-ma-loo bird, agropelter, funeral mountain terrashot… you know? The fearsome critters are creatures made up by lumberjacks at campsites. There are moose with legs that don’t bend, there are birds flying backwards, there are animals that explode and those that cry because they are so hideous; there is generally a ton of really weird creatures.

Install instructions



Download and unpack Nor'easter WIN file.
In Nor'easter WIN folder run Nor'easter Demo.exe
Set resolution and click Play!



Downlad and unpack Nor'easter MAC file.
Run Nor'easter Demo.app (Ctrl^ click/ Open) Set resolution and click Play!


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Bugs and problems

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Nor'easter WIN 188 MB
Nor'easter MAC 190 MB


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So pretty! I was looking forward to playing through the whole thing but hit a game-breaking glitch where my character couldn't path back :( thanks for the demo anyway! Hope to see more.

A really beautiful game. We loved playing it.

Hey, I played your game for an easter video. Hope you enjoy. I liked the humor you had going in the writing. Have any newer versions on the way?


Hey, LordofNope!
Thanks for giving the heads up :-) We are happy that you enjoyed Nor'Easter os far. 
To answer your question: Yes, there is a new version of Nor'Easter demo coming. More details are coming soon. Please follow us on our social media:
https://www.facebook.com/pg/noreastergame/ and https://www.facebook.com/RediGames/

Have a great weekend! 


I loved your narrating. Great voices for the charactors. Thank you for the most enjoyable watching. :)


Deleted post

Hi Redwarrior366,

Our plans are mostly focused on Nor'Easter and making it another point n'click classic.  We will be launching  a new demo somewhere in the future. Stay tuned! :)

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I really enjoyed playing this game! So beautiful! Beautiful atmosphere!

Thank you! <3 

Is there a natural ending to the demo, or at some moment you are just left with nothing to do?

There's a natural ending when you give the "sun and moon" to the Not-A-Mothman


Love it, great dialogue, really funny, beautiful scenery, just a little bit of a challenge.  Great game, I look forward to seeing more

@PseudoGrimm, thank you so, so much! We're working on the visual side of the prototype, which we will show you soon!


This game was fun, we can't wait for a full release!! 


Thank you very, very much for sharing <3 we are already watching your gameplay!


Oh this so much fun! We only really met two characters (four if you include those cheeky fireflies!) and they were both hilariously weird and very fun to act (even if my voice acting range isn't very wide haha!).

The style is a delight (I particularly enjoyed the leaves floating down in the foreground), the art has a lovely traditional feel to it which makes even our homeless wood-dwelling friend look kind of pretty (although let's not do him too many favours).

The two puzzles on display were both very good too, having to align the beetles on the vines was challenging but not frustrating and then figuring out the jar... that took a lot more doing but we got there in the end!

I'm itching for more of this, and really hope this little prototype becomes larger and gets the recognition it deserves! Keep up the amazing work =)


@MikeyBlighe, thank you for for feedback! <3 We are happy to hear, that you like our prototype! We are still working on that piece & hope that we will soon show you an improved version of Nor'easter :)


i having trouble actually

i got stuck after finishing the firefly puzzle (i restarted and it works fine)

i click my bottle with lid and they disappear ( i still dunno what to do tho XD)

OMG, we are shocked! You are first person who reports this kind of problem. Thank you, we will take care of that! 

Have you tried to start the game again?

nope, after the second problem im just trying another game

On which system you were trying to play Nor'easter? We naturally want to work on this issues.


This was a really fun game.  I would love to see it become a full game.  The art style is very cool.  Strange and Cute.  All of the characters have such great personality and the environments are absolutely beautiful.  Wish you all the best in the future.  

Thank you very much for opinion and gameplay! Feedback is very important for us and we are glad to hear that you liked it :) 

I think that the concept for this game is great.  The art is great, and the characters are really memorable.  I love all things strange and weird, and this game did just that in a very charming way.  I wish you all the best!  

Aaaa, thank you very much! Can we stay in touch? We will be happy to send you updates of our activities related to Nor'easter! 

Sure.  Feel free to send me updates when ever you want.  I will take a look at them.  

I am unable to play unfortunately. I wonder if you might be able to offer any technical assistance?

Never mind, I just renamed the folder at the top to what it requested and it works fine. You might want to update it when you have a chance though.

Hey, thanks fot the notice! We are already working on this -- in few days we will update this and we will also include the prototype for MacOS. How did you like Nor'easter? :)

Yeah, I like the game and especially the atmosphere. It was pretty well done but the game was rather short. I'd look forward to more levels like the game hinted at though.

I ended up playing through three times. The first time I glitched out holding the jar as I was staring through the telescope to see the moon, as it left me with no way to back out . The arrows on the sides just disappeared. The second time I encountered a glitch on the bug puzzle, with the bugs crawling up and down the plant stems. Two bugs somehow stacked right on top of each other, making the puzzle impossible to complete. Maybe some collision detection is missing, or at least a way to force a restart on the puzzle when it has not been completed might be added?

Anyway I did enjoy it, and hope to see a later version or another game of yours gracing the front page soon!

Always enjoy a good point-and-click! Loved the humor, art, and environment you all created! Can't wait for the full release!

Hey! Thank you very much for sharing <3! You made us very happy today :)

this was was fun interesting concept. Hope this makes it to full realise 

We're glad that you like our prototype :) ! Thank you for your feedback,  we are making a list of game comments that we will implement of course. Maybe now you know, what was missing in the game? 

Very cute :)

Thank you so much! What did you like the most in the game? :)

The graphics are beautiful, and I'm really into this kind of absurdist storytelling with a hint of myths and legends :)

有点♂骚 good game

Thank you for feedback! :)

Cute game!

Thank you very much! <3 

Lovely game! Are you interested in working with a publisher to get the full version on steam? I work for one and would love to talk if you are! My email is deana@sedoc.net if you're interested :)

Thank you for comment :) You have our attention, we will contact you soon!

Great! Looking forward to it

Cute and fun prototype, off to fill in the feedback form. Keep up the good work! :)


Thank you very much! :)

Quick thing, got an error 'There should be 'Nor'easter Demo_Data' folder next to the executable' . Easy fix, rename the folder 'Noreaster demo final 10.10.18_Data. :)

i'm having the same issue

Rename the data folder. :)


Problem is solved, we just updated version for Windows :)